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Acres of Oak

Acres of Oak

Introducing a story about a people called church.

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The previous chapter of my memoir described my interest in the process philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead and the way process thought takes shape as process theology. This chapter—“When Is the Good, Good Enough?”—looks at its application at a suburban Detroit church. Call it practical theology connecting the very idea of faith with an increasingly secular world struggling with the disruptions of a changing cultural landscape and the encroaching shadow of the ecological crisis.

Download the free chapter, “When Is the Good, Good Enough?”

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Current Interests

Since moving to the Central Coast of California more than a decade ago, I have been a member of the Board of Directors of People of Faith for Justice.

PFJ is an interfaith voice for social justice on the Central Coast.

In the last year, our group has begun to advocate for the global movement called Ecological Civilization (EcoCiv). EcoCiv recognizes the interrelationships that connect all levels of creation with each other and takes seriously such concerns as  sustainability and limitations as pertains to both natural and social systems. For an introduction, visit The Institute for Ecological Civilization website.

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