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  • rkurrasch 

Words, words, words, the digital age buries us in an avalanche of words. Like Eliza finally says in some desperation to her would-be suitor in “My Fair Lady,” “If you’re in love, show me.”

Enough with talking the talk: if we have anything at all to say, say it by walking the walk, in what we choose to do and how we opt to live and for whom we vote—and why.

Christmas is a show-me, walk-the-walk season. We look up at the vastness of the creation from our little speck in one of its tiny corners and not quite sure if the Universe has a heartbeat at all, we sing, “If you’re in love, show us!” And wonder of wonders, a Child shows up.

It turns out that the Universe not only has a heartbeat but that its name is Love.

In anticipating the Gift once again in the Advent season, we share any number of gifts ourselves. We send cards; we write checks; we give each other a break (like the bumper sticker that said, “Relax: It Was Only a Lane Change”). In ways big and small, we’re showing something … that we care, that a relationship matters, that the world doesn’t have to be the way it is.

Taken together, we’re showing one other thing as well: that we belong to a time and a place and among a people, a community as we like to say, perhaps several communities having to do with faith and family, work and play, and all those ways and places we live and move and find our being.

The gift of the Christ says much the same, that we belong to Another, a Creator who loves us and invites us to remember our cosmic home to which our roots already extend.

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  1. Fantastic! I love this. As we grope our way through this pandemic I find the need to “walk the walk” in every aspect. This is Advent, a time of patience as we await the One who loves us unconditionally always.

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